S03E01: The Facts of Life (13 of 13)
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Wednesday — May 23rd, 2012

S03E01: The Facts of Life (13 of 13)

Well, it’s the end of the line for the first made-for-TV movie. I hope you all enjoyed the origin of  the Assassin Griffin.

Unfortunately, I have to step back from STC for a bit. My duties at Action Lab are taking precedence once again, and I’ll be working on Princeless and Double Jumpers. And I should be able to announce my next few projects in the coming weeks.

I’ll be posting as frequently as I can and will be back in a couple of short months with the second of the three final STC arcs. I promise the next arc will deal with the cliff I left you hanging from at the end of Season Two. It’s going to be bananas!

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Creator Commentary . . .

"My Next Project"

Yes, I know it’s been a LOOOOONG time since I’ve posted here, and I am truly sorry for that. The Action Lab thing has really taken off and as their Creative Director, I’ve been swamped with keeping new projects on schedule. I basically have my hands in every project, from marketing and editing, to coloring and lettering, and everything in between. It’s a little crazy. I’m also working on my own projects. Here’s a peek at a book I’m working on with longtime friends and colleagues Justin Greenwood (Resurrection, Wasteland), Daniel Logan (Back in the Day), writer Ryan Lindsay and colorist Brian Dyck:

"Pre-Order Double Jumpers #2!"

In issue #2, things go from bad to worse as the Dungeon Lords programmers embark on a quest to the fabled kill screen, their journey taking them into the mines of Maladore.

Plus, there’s more gender bending mayhem as the “real” Dungeon Lords start a brawl in the local T&A eatery, Peepers!
Written by Dave Dwonch (Space-Time Condominium) and with art by Bill Blankenship (Thunderchickens), this mature-readers series is ideal for fans of epic fantasy action and old-school platform gaming. Double Jumpers is available for pre-order (Diamond Code JUN120756) with a August release in comic book shops, and various digital distribution outlets.

Pre-Order your copy of Double Jumpers today and get ready to fight!

For an extended preview, CLICK HERE!

"Put a Bird on It!"

Hey! I was featured on Guest Checks!

My partner in crime, Super Ugly, has been getting a lot of pop lately with his art book “Monsters are Just Like Us” and his work with Guest Checks, and I couldn’t be prouder keeping company with him and the other talented artists on the site. If you haven’t stopped in, go there now.

This one is a riff on a hilarious Portlandia skit. Look for more awesomeness in the weeks ahead.

Put a bird on it!

"Another great STC review by MOMB!"

The reviews for STC Season One are starting to roll in, and they all seem pretty positive! MOMB reviewed not just STC, but the other Signature Series books (Monsters are Just Like Us and EXO-1) as well as GlobWorld and Princeless. Here’s what they had to say about STC:

“The first season of the show that was is finally here collected together for the very first time so you can relive all the classic moments from this cancelled Canadian sitcom all over again. On first reading STC it’s kind of hard to know where the story begins & the joke ends, but in realities its best not to think about it or it’ll hurt your head, much like it hurts Griffin Griffin’s head as he tries to figure out what’s going on when he takes up the opportunity to live rent free in a condo with himself, himself & some other versions of himself, all from parallel universes! STC is a book that’s so Meta were it an actual show it would almost certainly warrant a commentary track by Troy & Abed. Credit where it’s due though Dave Dwonch does a fine job of selling the book as a complete package. From the contents page as a DVD menu to the interviews with the stars of the show that bookend the story that even if the humour isn’t entirely up your street, it’s hard not to respect the sheer effort that has gone into making STC seem so real that you end up searching for the  series on Amazon. Of course Meta might not be your thing, but even so the chances are you’ll be too busy laughing at Space Time Condo to care.”

Read more HERE!