Sorry about the delay!

Yep, it’s another skip week. My apologies. I’ve been scrambling around finishing up the coloring of Fracture #1 and getting print deals lined up for Back in the Day for Action Lab Entertainment. You’ll be happy to know that things are going very well over at ALE, and that the official solicit date for Back in the Day will be in February 2011, with an initial run at Discount Comic Book Service, digital distribution, and through the ALE website.

I’m also writing a new four issue miniseries, which is being illustrated by the amazing Bill Blankenship, which will get national distribution with Action Lab in late 2011/early 2012. 3!LL has been sending me penciled pages almost daily, and it looks incredible! More on that soon…

All in all things are going very well, but the work keeps piling up. This creative director business is taking me out of the game a bit. STC will be back next week, trust me.


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